List of distributions

actual vehicle

tokyo kyuko electric railway co.

Tokyu 5000 Series

Osaka Prefectural Urban Development

Senboku 100 Series


Meitetsu 9500 Series
Meitetsu 1000/1200Series
Meitetsu1800 Series
Meitetsu 3100 Series
Meitetsu 3150 Series
Meitetsu 3300 Series
Meitetsu 3700 Series
Meitetsu 4000 Series
Meitetsu 5000 Series
Meitetsu 6000 Series

Transportation Bureau City of Nagoya

3000 Series


205 Series
209 Series
E231 Series

Abukuma Express

8100 Series


Recife Metro (CBTU) type
Sao Paulo Metropolitan Railway (CPTM) type
Berlin S-Bahn (Type 480, 481, 482, 485)

fictitious vehicle

Minato standard (nA, B, C type)
Minato-type general-purpose medium-sized electric locomotive MML-01

Material and building sets

Passenger NPC Material Pack
Minato Building Collection
Minato General Purpose Steel Body 2020 (beta)
Minato Vehicle Bogie Material Pack
Minato Made Parts Set


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