What is RTM Addon Search?

This site was created to collect, store, and allow users to search public information on the many add-on packs being produced for RealTrainMod, train mod for Minecraft.

What is RealTrainMod?

RealTrainMod is a large mod for the PC sandbox game “Minecraft Java Edition“. It adds items mainly related to railroads and allows you to run more realistic vehicles by laying rails that are three blocks wide. For more detailed explanations, please refer to the official CurseForge page and this video by hi03. A link to the official wiki is provided in the menu bar, but please note that the information is not updated and may contain outdated information.

Recently, many add-ons have been introduced to add not only vehicles, but also overhead poles, piers, and roads, and the number of add-ons continues to grow. However, since many pack creators publish their add-ons only on Twitter, when you search for an add-on to add, you will find a clutter of various tweets, and many people may have trouble deciding where to browse. To solve this problem, RTM Addon-Search was created.

There have been many cases of vehicle pack wikis that have stopped being updated over time due to the burden being concentrated on one individual administrator. We have overhauled the wikis by having the pack creators themselves write and update the wikis.
Please understand that the information on this site does not cover all RTM-related model packs, due to the fact that many model packs for RTM are currently available from many authors.

When publishing

You do not need special permission or to contact the administrators to post your pack on this site. Please read the Terms of Use and User Guide first. Please read the Terms of Use and User’s Guide first, and then proceed to the New Registration page.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Please check your junk mail folder to make sure it is not there.
If you want to stop the publication of the pack for any reason, please delete the article by yourself or contact the administrator.

Renewal and Maintenance

We recommend that you update the information on this site at the same time you publish your pack.
If you are distributing the pack on Twitter, you may want to embed the link.
However, if the number of new articles is so large that it overwhelms the capacity of the server, the old articles may be moved to another site such as an archive. Please be aware of this.