Renfe RTM Packs

Pack 1. Vehículos (Fercraft64) :

This pack only contains vehicles from Renfe (Spain). The pack is currently in progress, so you may encounter bugs or unfinished parts.

If you share the pack, you must credit me (Fercraft64) in the README.txt. You can modify the pack as you want, but you have to include my name as the original author of the pack in the README.txt file. If I see any “non credited” copies I will take them down.

Bogies borrowed from Minato Vehicle Bogie Material Pack.

  • Locomotoras:
    • Renfe s102
    • Renfe 250
    • Renfe 253
    • Renfe 279
    • Renfe 319
    • Renfe 333 Mercancías
    • Renfe 333 Taxi
    • Renfe 354
    • Renfe 440
    • Renfe 450
    • Renfe 447 Cercanías
    • Renfe 447 Rodalies
    • Renfe 470
    • Renfe 594 (TRD)
    • Renfe 596
    • Renfe 597 (TER)
    • Renfe JOP-9
  • Autocares y vagones:
    • Renfe 10000 Estrella
    • Talgo IV
    • Renfe JJ92 + JJ92 con graffiti

Pack 2. Signboards (OscarSZP):

This pack contains various signboards from Renfe. It also includes some signboards from “El canal de Dani” youtube channel.

Pack 3. Avant s-114 (OscarSZP, Nits-Train):

This pack contains renfe’s s-114 (Avant). It is a repainted version of Nits-Train‘s AB600. Make sure to also check out their other models at

  • The train model and base paint was made by AzulBraveTrains (Twitter: @NITS_tram)
  • Conductor room model was made by NITS-Norway (Twitter: @honingsvagtorsk)
  • Bogie model was made by K-TREC (Twitter: @Kumoya_niconico).



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